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Couch #1 - Nicole and Erik

Couch #1 – Nicole and Erik – May 31st, 2010

Couch #1 belongs to Nic and Erik.  They live in Glendale in a townhouse style apartment.  Nic is a make-up artist at Sephora and the mother of Alexis, age 11, and Josephine, age 3.  She likes to go to drag shows for the amazing make-up.  She studied opera at the Peabody Conservatory.   She and I are friends and met in a bar in late 2008.  Her favorite songs are “Hysterical” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the A-Team theme song.  Her favorite movie is “Bringing Out the Dead”.  She likes Buffalo wings.

While all of the moving I mentioned in the previous entry was going on I had this project to start.  My first couch would be an interesting one.  I would be sleeping on my own couch.  That’s right, with the help of my friends, my couch was transported across town.  To where, you might ask?  To the home of the bride and groom whose wedding I just shot.  Yes, I would be spending the first night of the tour on my own couch at Nicole and Erik’s place.  After dropping off the couch, dropping off the rental truck, and taking a shower, I headed over there.  What would the evening hold?  And would I be able to stay awake for it?  I arrived around 7pm, just in time for a home cooked meal with them and Nic’s 11 year old daughter Alexis.  Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, and snow peas were on the menu.  That, and a cold beer.  After a week of not wanting to put anything in the fridge and not having time to cook, it was quite a reward.  Dinner was followed by the Simpsons, Star Wars figures, and monkeys in suits.  In my packing, I had found a trunk full of my old toys.  Evel Knievel, GI Joe, and Star Wars figures were among those items.  I had mentioned this on facebook and at Nic’s nudging, I brought them along.  Nic and Erik already had the office monkeys set up on their coffee table, and with some careful rearranging, Princess Leia was discussing sexual harassment with HR and Luke Skywalker was involved in a battle.  Soon it was getting late and after and it was interview time and some photos (look for some more of each soon).  I dug out my list of questions and my various cameras and snapped away and recorded.  Everything went fairly well considering I hadn’t looked or thought about the questions in a week and came up with a list of photos I needed off the top of my head.  After that I had another Blue Moon and it was time for bed.  Erik works very early and knowing that I would likely wake up when he left, I wanted to get some shuteye.  Did I mention that I had slept 2 hours the night before as well?   Being as it was my couch, I knew it was comfortable enough at least for a nap…when you are drunk.  But would I make it through the night?  As exhausted as I was, I could’ve slept on a sharp rock.  But, as expected, I basically awoke when Erik went to work.  It wasn’t simply the movement of another person in my presence as I slept, it was also the fact that I was anxious to get back to moving.  So as soon as Nic was up to take Alexis to school it was off to moving.  Oh, and one last thing, did I mention the lotion.  I have dry skin and tend to need a little moisturizing lotion on my face in the morning.  Having left mine at my old apartment, I co-opted some of Nic’s.  It was some sort of a mint scented lotion.  I had that scent in my nose all day, which was a good thing.

About 50 Couches in 50 Nights

My name is Dean MacKay. In June and July of 2010, I slept on 50 different couches in 50 consecutive nights. I took photographs of the couches, both as a couch and as my bed. I took portraits of my hosts and interviewed them. I documented their homes on film and digitally as well as in a journal. I was treated to home cooked meals and intimate secrets. I was cared for when I was ill and checked in on after I was long gone. There were sleepless nights and busy days and times spent discussing the past and dreaming about the future. I drank a lot of coffee at a lot of different coffee houses. There were old friends who became closer and acquaintances who I now call my friends. There were even strangers who invited me into their homes. Threads were woven among them all. My skills were honed as I practiced my craft on a daily basis. I learned many things about my hosts and I continue to learn many things about myself. These times are unforgettable. This journey was initially born out of necessity. The economic times had taken their toll. But the fruit of this labor is not simply financial. It is emotional and spiritual and societal. I tapped into something that is still developing. And as it develops I will share with you this knowledge as well as providing you a way to share it with others. I hope that you will support me as this journey continue and grows. I plan to unveil many things from this work including a coffee table book on the couches, and perhaps other books and a documentary. I'm also hoping to get the blog carried on a major website. Of course, and second project is also in the works although what form it will take has yet to be determined. Any assistance or advice that you can offer to further these projects is welcome. Your support, both financial and emotional, is crucial to my success. Thank You. © Dean MacKay 2010


3 thoughts on “Couch #1 – Nicole and Erik – May 31st, 2010

  1. Can’t wait till madness sets in! (although I do love you man)

    Posted by Jdoggs | June 5, 2010, 5:57 pm
  2. Simpson Trivia – Simpson Couch Gags

    – The Simpsons run into the living room and sit on the couch (original couch opening).
    – Bart is squeezed off the couch and into the air. During the shot of the TV, he falls down again.
    – Everyone sits on the couch and it falls apart.
    – Homer is squeezed off the couch and lands on the floor.
    – Maggie is squeezed off and flies into the air; Marge catches her.
    – They sit on the couch and it falls through the floor.
    – The family do a dance, then jump onto the couch in a “Ta-da!” pose.
    – As they land on the couch, it unfolds into a bed.
    – Everyone (except Maggie) sit on the couch; Maggie pops out of Marge’s hair.
    – The pets fit on the couch with the family.
    – Grampa is lying on the couch sleeping and the family wake him up.
    – Homer’s weight tips the couch over sideways. Maggie lands on a cushion on the floor.
    – The family rush in to find the couch is missing.
    – Homer squeezes the others off the couch one by one.
    – The couch falls over backwards and Maggie pops up from behind it.
    – The couch tips over backwards, and the family crash through the wall.
    – After the family sit down, Homer pulls Santa’s Little Helper out from underneath him.
    – Everybody forms a pyramid with Maggie on the top.
    – An alien is on the couch, which disappears through a trap door in the floor just as the family run in.
    – The family site down and Bart pounces across their laps.
    – Homer gets to the couch first and lies on it, so the others sit on him.
    – When the family sit down, they sink into the couch.
    – Two burglars are holding the couch as everybody sits on it, but they are dumped off and the couch is carried away.
    – Santa’s Little Helper is on the couch, growling. The family back off from him.
    – Everybody cartwheels to the couch and strikes a “Ta-da!” pose.
    – The family bounce up and down on the couch, changing their positions.
    – Everybody except Maggie run into each other lie unconscious on the floor.
    – The Simpsons run in to find the Flintstones occupying the couch.
    – The couch transforms into a monster and swallows everybody.
    – After the family sit on the couch, it spins 180 degrees into a secret compartment. An empty couch takes its place.
    – Maggie is already on the couch. Homer, Marge, Bart & Lisa sprint in from the left, past the “edge of the film” on the right and back onto the couch.
    – Skeletons of the family rush in and sit on the couch.
    – The couch deflates as if filled with air.
    – The family sit on the couch with mismatched heads. They switch until they have the right one.
    – Instead of a couch, there is a small wooden chair. The family squeeze onto it.
    – Everyone forms a chorus line, lined by high-kicking Rockettes, circus animals, jugglers, trapeze artists…
    – Everybody is tiny and climbs onto the huge couch.
    – Everybody sits, then are joined by many Springfield citizens.
    – Everybody gets caught in a net on the floor.
    – This couch gag consisted of three takes: on the first take, everybody runs into each other and shatters on the floor. Santa’s Little Helper examines the damage; on the second take, they collide and blend into a five-headed blob; on the third, they run into each other and explode.
    – The family sit on the couch and are crushed by a giant Monty Python-like foot.
    – The family stops as the couch is occupied by their doubles.
    – A Zombie Simpson family crashes through the floor from below and sits on the couch
    – The couch is painted on a wall, and everybody crashes through, their outlines remaining.
    – A fat man takes up most of the couch; everybody squeezes into the tiny spot remaining
    – Five pairs of eyes enter in the dark. The light is switched on, revealing that it’s only eyes. The family’s eyeless bodies enter, sit down, and reattach to the eyes.
    – Everybody sits, then notice the couch is in David Letterman’s studio. David turns around to face them.
    – Everybody runs into each other and shatters on the floor. Santa’s Little Helper examines the damage.
    – They run into each other and explode.
    – Everybody collides and blends into a five-headed blob.
    – Everybody pokes their head up from behind the couch.
    – There are two couches, so each family member splits into two, with each half sitting on a couch.
    – The family are shaped like balls. They bounce onto the couch and resume their normal shape.
    – Homer sees the Fox logo in the corner of the screen. He rips it off and everyone stomps on it.
    – Everybody sits in midair, then the couch comes in and puts itself together on top of the family, who then collapse under the weight.
    – The floor is flooded and the family swim in and onto the couch. Bart is using a snorkel.
    – Everybody is “beamed aboard” the couch a la Star Trek.
    – Zombie version of The Simpsons enter with mismatched heads and limbs – they swap to correct it.
    – Everybody bounces up off the couch and gets their heads stuck in the ceiling.
    – The family chase the couch as it and the wall move backwards into the distance.
    – Everybody runs by the same couch again and again, grinning the whole time.
    – The living room is an Escher-style house (with stairs in all different directions) – the family all enter from different sides.
    – A James Bond spoof. Homer walks in front of the couch, then fires a gun at the camera. The screen goes red.
    – In black & white, everybody (wearing Mickey Mouse gloves) waves their hands in circles.
    – The family are disproportionate sizes: Maggie is very large, while Homer is very small.
    – The couch moves aside, and everybody stands in front of a police line-up chart.
    – A large picture of the family on a piece of paper slides out from under the cushions like a fax machine.
    – The family, Grampa, Santa’s Little Helper and Snowball II each appear in their own square a la The Brady Bunch. All but Grampa run to the couch in the centre.
    – The family drive around the living room in mini cars like Shriners.
    – Everybody runs to the couch, entirely grey; the colours are then spray-painted on them.
    – Everybody drops from above, hanging from their necks by nooses; Maggie still manages to suck her pacifier.
    – Everybody is a wind-up doll and haphazardly makes their way to the couch.
    – Snowball II is removed from the couch by a bowling-lane clearer. A pinsetter then places the family on the couch.
    – Everybody is a sea-monkey and swims to a couch made of clam shells to watch a treasure chest (instead of the TV).
    – A sequence of openings: 8F18, 9F02, 9F10, 9F09, 8F09, 1F02, 2F31, 2F09, 2F06, 1F17, 2F11, and 9F08.
    – Homer pulls up a plug from the floor, and everything in the room is sucked into the hole.
    – Everybody sits on the couch, then the camera zooms in on a mouse hole, where mouse family sits on an identical couch.
    – A game hunter sits on the couch, with a “Homer-skin rug” on the floor and the others’ heads on the wall.
    – The living room is bathed in black light. Everyone runs in and sits, then Homer turns the light on and the colours return to normal.
    – The Grim Reaper sits on the couch. Everybody runs in and falls over dead.
    – Everybody lands on the couch via parachute except Homer, who lands on the floor with an unopened chute.
    – Everyone is in western gear as they sit on the couch in the desert. It gallops away into the distance.
    – Everybody floats in as a soap bubble. They pop when they land on the couch.
    – The family pose a la the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album by The Beatles. In the background are the Simpsons from the Tracey Ullman Era, and a statue of a Buddha resembling Homer can be seen.
    – The family sit on the couch, and Bart is green. Homer messes with the remote, turning Bart red. He then slaps Bart on the back of the head, turning back to normal colour.
    – The room is upside down. The family rush in and sit down, then fall onto the “ceiling”.
    – In the living room is a “Vend-A-Couch”. Homer puts a coin in but nothing happens. He bangs on the wall and the couch drops in from the ceiling and lands on him.
    – Everybody flies in on jet-packs; Maggie flies in last and lands on Marge’s lap.
    – Everybody is involved in a giant game of Whack-A-Mole. Homer is the only one who is whacked.
    – Grampa is sleeping in a convertible bed. They fold it back into a sofa and sit on it.
    – The couch remains empty while everybody waits outside as Homer struggles to open the front door.
    – The couch is on a computer screen, with the AOL logo in the corner. A mouse pointer clicks “Load Family” but it takes a long time, so “Exit” is repeatedly clicked.
    – The couch is on the deck of a ship, sliding about. The family run in wearing raingear, sit down, and a wave crashes them.
    – Everybody enters dressed as Harlem Globetrotters and pass a basket ball around. Maggie slam dunks it in the net above the couch.
    – Everybody runs to the couch dressed in space suits. The couch then takes off like a rocket.
    – Homer stands in front of the couch. The top half of his body comes off revealing Marge inside him a la Russian Dolls. Then her body comes off revealing Bart, then Lisa, and finally Maggie. The top halves all land on the couch.
    – Everybody sits on the couch, then is strapped in as if in the electric chair. They are then electrocuted.
    – The seat of the couch is a pool of water. The family rush in with their rear ends of fire and sit in the pool, breathing a sigh of relief.
    – The family are crushed into a cube by compactors.
    – Bart spray-paints everyone onto the couch, adding an “El Barto” signature.
    – The living room is a sauna. The family run in wearing towels, but there are three men using it. The family leave.
    – Everybody sits, then a live-action hand spins the picture around, making it warped.
    – The couch is inside a snow globe, which is shaken by two hands, causing it to snow..
    – The floor is a treadmill. Homer falls and is dragged around and around, and says “Marge, stop this crazy thing!”
    – The couch is pulled out from under the family as they sit down. Nelson pops out from behind and says HA-HA
    – Everyone is miniature and helps each other up to the couch. Santa’s Little Helper comes in and takes Homer away in his mouth.
    – The family are frogs (Maggie a tadpole). They leap onto lily pads and Homer turns the TV on with his tongue.
    – A vine grows in the middle of the room and everyone appears as a fruit or vegetable.
    – A parody of the “Rocky & Bullwinkle” opening. The Simpsons’ outlines float through a mosaic of colours, then pop out of the ground in a flower patch.
    – Homer, Marge, Lisa & Maggie run into Bart’s classroom, where he writes “I WILL NOT MESS WITH THE OPENING CREDITS” on the blackboard.
    – The living room is a movie theatre, filled with other Springfieldians. The family make their way to their seats, and Homer takes some of Comic Book Guy’s popcorn.
    – Two firemen carry the couch and catch everybody falling from above – except Homer, who falls through the floor.
    – Freddy Kruger from A Nightmare on Elm Street and Jason from Friday the 13th sit on the couch and wonder where the family is (they all died in the driveway scene).
    – Marge carries in a laundry basket and hangs the others on a clothes line.
    – The family sit on the couch, then a bar comes down over their heads and it takes off like a roller coaster.
    – Everyone’s head is put under a salon hairdryer and they each end up with someone else’s hair. Maggie has Marge’s hair and falls off the couch due to the weight.
    – The family sit wearing cowboy hats. The floor then opens and we watch from above as the family ride it like the bomb in “Dr. Strangelove”.
    – The couch (with the family on it) floats in on water, hits an iceberg and sinks a la the Titanic. Maggie resurfaces on a cushion.
    – An adult Bart and Lisa and a young Homer (with a Maggie doll) and Marge go to the couch. Homer takes the remote from Lisa, but she slaps his hand and he gives it back.
    – Everyone slips on banana peels, but still end up on the couch.
    – The couch is a paper shredder; everybody gets sucked into the couch and comes out in strips.
    – Everybody stops as the couch is occupied by the Simpsons from The Tracey Ullman Show. All ten of the Simpsons run off screaming.
    – Everybody is white with numbers “paint by numbers” on their bodies. Artists enter and paint the colours on.
    – The family rushes in, and Marge notices the Matt Groening signature on the floor. She removes it, but Matt appears and rewrites it.
    – Everybody (except Lisa) appears as a character from a previous Halloween Special: Homer is the jack-in-the-box, Marge is a witch, Bart is the fly, and Maggie is the baby alien. Lisa (with an axe in her head) criticizes the show they’re watching, and Maggie disintegrates her.
    – The living room looks like a nightclub. A bouncer lets everybody except Homer onto the couch.
    – A cement truck pours cement versions of everybody onto the couch, and Homer breaks in two.
    – The couch rotates 180 degrees through the wall, replaced by Vincent Price torturing Ned Flanders (who is strapped to the wall upside down).
    – Everyone slides down a fire pole. Homer, however, gets stuck in the hole in the ceiling.
    – Everybody is a crash test dummy. The couch jerks forwards and crashes into the TV. Homer’s head falls off.
    – A psychiatrist is sitting next to the couch. Homer leaps onto it and says “Oh, Doctor, I’m crazy!”
    – Dressed in karate gear (with black belts), everybody chops up the couch. Homer then pulls the remote out of his pocket and turns on the TV, martial arts-style.
    – Everyone drives a bumper car, and repeatedly bumps Homer against the back wall.
    – Living room is Evergreen Terrace subway station, the family sit on the couch, then board a train when it comes in.
    – Everybody walks barefoot over hot coals to the couch.
    – Everybody swings in on vines, however Homer swings out of the room and crashes off-screen.
    – Everyone sits on the couch, then Bart puts a coin into the slot and the couch vibrates and moves out of view.
    – Bart puts a whoopee cushion under Homer’s seat on the couch. As the family sit down, the whoopee cushion goes off and Bart laughs.
    – The family run in towards a shot of the front of the TV. The picture freezes and spins 180 degrees Matrix-style, and the family sit down on the couch.
    – Maggie is on the couch. The rest of the family meander in dressed as Teletubbies. Maggie claps as they sit down.
    – Everybody skateboards off a ramp onto the couch, except Homer, who lands on the floor.
    – Santa’s Little Helper dances on his hind legs in front of the couch a la Snoopy. When the family come in, he sleeks off sheepishly.
    – The couch is in a fishbowl and everyone swims to the couch wearing scuba gear.
    – A football bounces into the room, and the family then dive in and pile on it. Maggie emerges from the pile and spikes the ball.
    – Everybody lands on the couch from above via a Futurama-style tube. However, Fry is in place of Bart. He is sucked up and replaced by Bart.
    – In front of a “valet” sign, Pimple-faced Teen pushes the couch into place. He holds out his hand for a tip, but does not get it.
    – Everybody ice skates to the couch, however Homer slips and falls through the ice.
    – The couch is outside a prison wall; everybody tunnels to the couch as a siren sounds and a spotlight searches.
    – Everybody jumps off a sailboat, which turns out to be the sailboat painting above the couch.
    – The couch is a slot machine; the faces of The Simpsons appear on the reels, except Maggie who is shown as a 7.
    – A gardener trims a hedge into the shape of everybody on the couch.
    – A claw grabs Homer and lifts him off the couch, much like the machines in arcades where you win soft toys.
    – In black and white, Homer appears as Charlie Chaplin in silent film style.
    – Two repo men take the couch away.
    – Pimple-faced Teen is making out with a girl on the couch.
    – The Blue Man Group perform in front of the couch.
    – A live action couch gag, in which pages of a notebook are flipped, animating the gag.
    – The Simpsons are puppets controlled by Matt Groening – they bump into each other and he gives up.
    – Everybody water skis to the couch, however, Homer’s legs are bitten off by sharks
    – Homer walks through several doors a la the “Get Smart!” opening, eventually landing on the couch with the family.
    – The couch is drawn on an “Etch-A-Sketch”.
    – A mouse cursor drags Homer from one side of the couch to the other, changes the colour of the wall, and replaces the boat painting with the Mona Lisa.
    – Homer uses the remote to switch everyone to the caveman era, then the Roman era, then back to the present.
    – Frozen Simpsons are deep-fried, then dumped on the couch and salted.
    – In black and white, everyone is wearing early-20th-century clothing and is watching the TV from a girder at a construction site.
    – In place of the couch there is a picture of the family on the couch, with holes where their heads should be. Everybody puts their heads through the holes in a different position.
    – A giant baby picks up the family as if they were dolls.
    – Everything is made of gingerbread; Homer takes a bite out of Bart.
    – The family are mime artists and sit in mid-air.
    – Everybody turns into dust.
    – A Polaroid photo develops into a picture of the family.
    – There is a Playdough machine above the couch which squeezes out Playdough versions of the family.
    – Everybody slides down “batpoles” and end up on the couch, in Batman-style costumes, in the “Batcave”
    – The couch is a street bench in Japan, and everyone is a famous anime character (for example, Homer as Ultraman and Bart as Astro Boy)
    – Somebody throws knives at the wall while everyone is seated on the couch
    – Everybody is squeezed like frosting out of a pastry bag onto the top of a cake
    – Everybody’s head pops out of a giant piece of apple pie
    – A tray is placed into a microwave, and everybody rises from it
    – A woman throws some seeds into a plot of dirt where the couch usually is, and waters them; everybody sprouts up like plants
    – Everybody is a bag on a moving dry-cleaning rack, which stops over the couch
    – The couch scene pans out until it reaches intergalactic space, where the galaxies are replaced with atoms, which pan out until they reach Homer’s head and then the couch scene again (when used again there are slight differences, you can hear Kang and Kodos laughing, and Homer says “cool” in stead of “wow”)
    – Everybody sits on the couch, which is outside – and which is catapulted
    – Everybody runs to where the couch is supposed to be, but isn’t – because it then falls on top of them
    – Everybody looks like Moe
    – The couch is attached to a giant fish, which eats everybody
    – Without music, everybody enters and sits on the couch; Lisa says, “What, can’t we sit on the couch without something happening?”, and Homer is then harpooned
    – Everything is made of sand; everybody crawls to the couch and sits on it, after which everything collapses, revealing the desert sun
    – Everybody gets on top of one another in front of the couch, forming a totem pole
    – Everybody is a chess piece (Homer the King, Marge the Queen, Lisa the Knight, Bart the Rook, and Maggie the Pawn) and hops to the couch
    – Everybody is wearing an ice hockey uniform and skates around the couch; Homer carries the Stanley Cup (with Maggie inside it)
    – The room is dark, except for a number of pairs of eyes; the lights come on to reveal a surprise party for the Simpsons as they approach the couch, causing Homer to collapse
    – “Homer” removes his Homer head mask, revealing himself to be Sideshow Bob, who then pulls out a knife and goes after Bart
    – A roasting spit comes out of the wall and through the couch, while the floor opens up to reveal fire; the spit rotates the couch, and everyone on it, over the flames
    – Five miniature vehicles enter, only to transform (literally) into the Simpsons
    – The couch scene is a jigsaw puzzle, with the heads missing; two hands put the heads in place, then, noticing Homer and Maggie are switched, fixes them and says, “Woo-hoo!”
    – Everybody is a balloon which floats to the couch, except for Homer, who is popped by Snowball II
    – Everybody walks through a metal detector; after four failed attempts, Homer (who is stripped down to his briefs) is scanned by a security guard with a handheld scanning wand
    – Six clay balls roll around the floor, eventually becoming the family – and Gumby
    – Everybody sits on the couch, then the TiVo “Delete This Recording Now?” appears; when the show is “deleted”, the screen goes black
    – Springfield’s couches rise up against their masters
    – The living room is inside an “Earth Family” exhibit in a Rigelian zoo
    – The couch is replaced by a nest; a giant bird feeds Homer a worm
    – A pair of animated hands deals five cards onto the couch; the jack (Bart), queen (Marge), king (Homer), and ace (Lisa) of diamonds, and a joker (Maggie)
    – The couch appears on the front page of the Springfield Shopper under the headline “COUCH GAG THRILLS NATION”
    – A photographer takes the family picture on the couch, which becomes a series of family portraits from 2006 to 2013; the 2013 photo has everybody as a robot
    – A map has a hole burning in the middle on the Bonanza theme, and you see the family through the hole
    – The couch is on a conveyor belt, with everyone on it except Homer. A mechanical arm completes the family.
    – Everyone crawls under red lasers to get on the couch, who then disappear, but take homers head of while doing that
    – REAL BEGIN CREDITS!!! They just sit down
    – A truck, a plane and 3 cars come up tot he couch and then transform into Homer Marge and the kids, transformers style
    – The couch turns into a monster and chases them outside, where other people are being chased by their couches as well. Eventually Homer decides to go hide…in a couch store
    – There are 4 seats and the family walks around it. When the music stops they all sit down, except for Homer
    – The big ape King Homer takes Marge from the couch and climbs to the top of the Empire State Building
    – Ralph comes up to a vending machine with Simpson figures inside, buys a Homer and bites his head off
    – They sit down on the couch and go through a carwash
    – In stead of a couch there are 4 chairs, and the music starts to play the chair game
    – The Simpsons’ eyes blink in the dark and when the lights go on it reveals that their heads are stuck on cockroach bodies
    – A Homer figure is cut out of a folded piece of paper, and unfolded into the entire family
    – They all sit down in winter attire, then the view pans out to show it was the reflection in a Christmas tree globe
    – Someone pins a couch on the wall and then pins the family on it
    – They’re all baby versions of themselves and crawl on the couch, then pop into their real forms
    -All the Simpsons are in there underwear, and a person sticks clothes on them like with cardboard pictures
    -Ralph Wiggum buys Homer from a vending machine and then eats his head
    -Evolution of mankind is portrayed by Homer, starting with one cell organisms, all the way to himself
    -A newspaper comes up with the headline: Couch Gag Thrills Nation and a picture of them on the couch.
    -Thousands of Simpson families come running in the house to sit on the couch, until they’re bursting out of the home, and Homer yells “Hey, don’t shove”
    – *The entire intro is a play on the movie* Spiderpig is sitting on the couch, Homer takes him on his lap, saying “My summer love”
    – The family is made out of Lego, Homer with a full head of hair, a hand comes in, and takes it away.
    – They rush to the couch, but Maggie’s missing. She then picks up Homer out of the dollhouse version of their living room, and starts sucking.
    – A magazine, ‘The modern couch gag’ pops up with a picture of the family on their couch on the cover
    – Someone opens a book and a couch with the family on it pops up
    – A magician makes the couch and then the family appear out of nowhere
    – The image zooms out and gives us images of the universe, to then fade into DNA which makes up Homer’s skin
    – A story is told in the form of a wall carpet, where Flanders steal they couch and they fight the Flanders’ family to get it back
    – A picture of the family on their couch hangs in a museum with the caption: “Ceci n’est pas une couch gag”
    – In stead of rushing to the couch, they hang themselves on a kid’s mobile
    – Someone makes a picture of the family on the couch in glowing mosaics
    – They are little pills that Professor Frink inflates to their shapes with a drop of water
    – Wile E. Coyote draws a couch on the wall, making the family crash into it. Maggie plays Road Runner, and they all sit down, except for Homer who falls through the wall
    – A paintbrush paints them on the couch
    – A picture of the couch is up in a computer program. A mouse pointer brings the family on the couch, only to delete the picture afterwards
    – The family sit down, then a cloud of dust appears, setting them ins tone. A futuristic looking space guy comes and takes the stone away
    – The family walks up to a cliff, seeing a huge statue of themselves on the couch carved out of a mountain
    – The family sit on the couch, then a tornado comes in and flushes them into Kansas
    – There are Swiss clocks hanging on the wall, and the family come out of them one by one
    – They sit down on a bench in Pompeii, when the volcano erupts
    – They run up to Bart who’s put a chalkboard in front of the sofa and writing “I WILL NOT TAKE THE CHALKBOARD HOME” on it
    – They run to the couch, and the view pans out to show it’s a figurine of couch gag #429. Comic Book Guy slaps a price on it ($12.99) and says “Worst couch gag ever!”
    – *First one in high definition* The family runs up to find no couch, and then they chase the couch all over the world and into space to sit on it
    – They go through different old sitcoms to finally find their couch to sit on
    – They bury their old couch and get a new one from the couch ranch, which kicks Homer off
    – The couch is hung up as a piñata, and Ralphs hits it, allowing the family to fall out
    – They are being walked to their place like prize dogs. Bart wins the prize, and Homer attacks him
    – Images of them are served as food, and Comic Book Guy eats them all.
    – A hand turns down the cells one by one to make up Homer and the family sitting on the couch, but homer is naked, so Marge turns over the cell with his clothes
    – They use machetes to cut down the jungle, to find a family of monkeys that look like them sitting on their couch
    – The family swim to the couch, except for homer who drowns
    – They sit down in a Roman Coliseum, where Bart catches some gladiator’s cut off head
    – An artist first cuts them out of marble, then cuts them up to a man on a horse
    – They get on the subway ‘Springfield 1239’
    – One by one, the Simpsons come up to take a shot from behind the couch, then Maggie comes out of the wall with a machine gun.

    Posted by Icepac | June 7, 2010, 2:01 am


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