Why am I doing this?

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Why am I doing this?

Before I get into my blog, I wanted to let you all know that while I have been making great efforts to post a new blog with photos every day, and while I will continue to do so, there will be days that it will just not be possible.  Moving around constantly and dealing with other aspects of this project take up a substantial amount of time and have put a great deal of stress on me.  I have been making greater efforts to eat better, but now I need to make efforts to rest better as well.  I’m currently battling a cold and I can’t really afford to be sick.  In addition, I want to try to deliver a better written blog and and that requires me putting in a little more time on it.  Rest assured, I will still blogging about each every couch.  I am taking meticulous notes in order to deliver all the details as well as my perceptions and feelings relating to the events. In addition, to discussing each couch and the events surrounding them, I will be posting blogs discussing specific aspects of this journey.  Today’s entry is one of those posts.

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