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Couch #5 – Elizabeth – June 4th, 2010

Couch #5 belongs to Elizabeth.  The couch was given to her by her landlady who was moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  It has a pull-out sleeper.  She has slept on the couch and since the back cushions are so poofy you can fall off if you aren’t careful.  She is in a complicated relationship and lives in a gorgeous, homey, studio apartment in Hollywood, California.  Elizabeth is head of A&R for Latour Music also does night work at Patty’s Restaurant in Toluca Lake as a waitress.  She likes to travel, gets massages and pedicures, go on hikes, and eat out.  It’s important to share meals.  Sharing is fun.  She likes to get in touch with her youthful inner self, as well as reading magazines, scripts, self-help books.  She loves astro physics.  Sometime around 1998, I stumbled in drunk to a dive bar she was working at in New York City.  As I enjoyed the jukebox and her company, I kept returning.  Apparently I attended the topless New Year’s party.  Our relationship is amazing.  We established a good foundation for our relationship.  I even picked her up from the airport when she arrived in Los Angeles.  We have a pretty significant bond despite not seeing each other all that often.  Elizabeth shares her place with whoever needs a place to rest their head.  She has lots of visitors or guests.  I was a welcome decoration in her house.  I’m better than a plant.  One of her favorite songs is “A Change is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke.  One of her favorite films is “Big Fish”  She currently like Tuna Tartar with avocado and eats it every day.  Elizabeth lives in the land of possibilities, where anything can happen.

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