Couch #16 – Scott and Torun

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Couch #16- Scott and Torun – June 15th, 2010


Couch #16 is Scott and Torun’s couch.  It came from Levitz back in 2003 when they bought the house. Torun went all over town looking for this sofa set. She pretty much falls asleep on every night.  It’s not quite long enough for Scott to sleep on it.  It doesn’t show stains really.  The dog, Cooper, wasn’t allowed on the couch until recently.  Scott has gotten soft and allows the dog up there now.  They live in in single family home that they own and have lived in for about 7 years.  It is in El Sereno or Hillside Village, in the northeast corner of Los Angeles.  Scott and Torun have been happily married for nine years. They have two daughters, Kayla, age 10, and Brady, age 5.  They have a baby boy on the way.  Cooper is their golden retriever who is a little over a year old.  Two weeks ago, his pit bull, Mary, had to be put down. It was really hard.  In addition, they have a cat, Fluffy, and some fish.  Torun is a nurse and LVN (or LPN) in a Convalescent Hospital.  Scott helps to fill studio audiences.  As a family, they like to go camping as well as to the beach and bike riding.  They like outdoor activities. There is no time for hobbies, only laundry and dishes.  Scott is a musician.  He plays guitar in a metal band, categorized as death or grindcore.  You may guess that given his long hair and tattoos.   But you might be surprised that he is a devoted Dad.  Scott and I met through friends probably around ten years ago mostly due the fact that we are both from the same part of the world.  We are fans of the Red Sox and Patriots and have attended baseball games and football games.  We have drank a few beers and broken bread many times together.  Torun likes Bon Jovi.  Scott likes classic rock and aggressive metal.  He likes Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”.  Scott and Torun BBQ alot and eat pretty well.  When you have kids, you eat what they eat best.  They like Italian Food.  Scott particularly likes chicken parmesean.  Torun likes Mexican food.  Torun is great cook.  She is a baker and makes deserts, pastries, and cakes. Scott does more day to day cooking, but Torun makes the holiday meals like the big turkey dinner, all the sides, sweet potatoes, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy.  One time when they were having a big dinner party,  there was so much hot stuff on a glass table that they had, that the table cracked, and broke.   They don’t watch a lot of movies. Torun likes to read. “Change of Heart” by Judy Picoult is a favorite that she read a few times.  Scott lives surrounded by love from family and friends.  His lives for his kids and family.  Torun lives with the baby, being pregnant and all.  It’s kind of strange.  In 11 weeks their son is going to be out here and crying.  This was the 8th completely different couch in a row.  This project has attracted a diverse group offering me their couches.

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