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50 Couches Launch aka Too Much Stuff

It’s been two days since I’ve started my 50 Couches in 50 Nights Project and I’m only now blogging. Well, actually it’s later than that since the internet is down as I type this. The last few days have been crazy. I moved out of my apartment of 11 years and into a 5×10 storage space. Have you even seen a 5×10 storage space? It’s not that big. Have you ever seen how much stuff I have? I have a lot. Being a recovering pack rat, while I have stopped collecting, I haven’t quite gotten rid of everything I should have. Just ask my friends Brian and Jay. They helped me move. I mean, I did go through a bunch of stuff prior to moving. I sold some curtain rods, threw out a TV, and even got rid of my bed. As well, since I had been there 11 years, I had sort of forgotten exactly how much stuff it really was. All of this led me to plan poorly. That poor planning led me to stay up nearly all night on Sunday packing. Then, on about 2 hours of sleep, with the great help of the aforementioned Brian and Jay, on Memorial Day, I moved my stuff into the storage space. Well…alot of my stuff. I mean after I nearly completely filled up my storage space, how much more could there be, right? While it didn’t seem like a lot, it really was. Again, I really have alot of stuff. But it really didn’t look like a lot. So I proceeded to come back on the 1st to try to wrap everything up. That didn’t go so well. After starting at 8am and taking one full carload to the storage space, I was still not done, the storage space was packed to the gills, and it was 7pm. And I still had a couch to get to. More on that later. Thankfully, my landlord was understanding. And thankfully my friend John has some space in his place. So Tuesday morning I returned to wrap things up. Again, how much more could there be, really? Well, 7 hours later, after another carload of stuff to Venice, I was finally done. Well, except, for the fact that the backseat of my car is now my combination dresser and laundry.
The plan now is to keep everything in storage until I need it and to clean it out as I have time, so that I never have to move that stuff again. I never want to ask anyone to do that again, never mind doing it myself. The first step is to sell or give away most of my furniture. As I will hopefully end up at a house or apartment with a roommate, I hopefully will not need most of it. For the moment, however, I’m glad it’s done, and I’m out of my apartment. I’m finally, really, starting to feel relaxed. More on the couches soon.

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