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Couch #3 – Julia and Jack (and Mavis) – June 2nd, 2010

Couch #3 belongs to Julia.  The Cowboy Couch was found at Goodwill, who thought it was broken.  It cost $19.99 plus $10 to have it moved.   Julia lives in a house in Glendale, California with her son,  Jack, age 6, and the Sophia Loren of bulldogs, Mavis.  Jack is named after Ramblin’ Jack Elliot.  She is my friend, business partner, and a cosmetic brain surgeon.  We met last winter on the almighty facebook and finally met in person in March.  Julia has bungee jumped over 200 times.  Her and Jack’s favorite song is “I’d Rather Have You” by Johnny Cash.   Her favorite films include “Cinema Paradiso” and “The Singing Detective”, the original.  She likes chocolate.

I arrived back at my apartment on June 2nd intent on not dragging this out another day.  The plan was to load up the car, make one last trip to my friend John’s place in Venice, load up the car with the things I would be taking with me, hand over my keys, and be on my way.   Now, I should apologize here.  This was 5 days ago and I made no notes of the days events until I arrived at Julia’s and even then, not too many.  At this point I wanted to move on with my life and get started with this project and notes took precious time.  I was also exhausted.  That all being said, as you may have read my “Too Much Stuff” post, most of the events and feelings regarding the move  were purged when I wrote that.   Anyway, where was I, oh yeah, I got a late start and needed coffee and a banana from 7-11.  I also needed more boxes from Office Depot.  I got a package of 3, and would need 3 more later.  After making these pit stops, I finally was at the apartment.  I quickly boxed up the remaining items by literally dumping a drawer into each box. Posters were rolled up together.  Garbage was tossed into a bag and taken to the dumpster.  A few items, including a perfectly working vacuum, a box of books, and an old Sega Saturn with 6 games, were put aside for Goodwill.  There was no more time to try to give these things to a needy friend.  As boxes were ready they were loaded into my car.  These boxes included a box which contains most of my negatives and a plastic bin which contains most of photos.  These are not just the photos that I’ve taken, but the photos of me since I was a baby.  This is my most valuable possession.  I’ve sometimes thought that if I were to awake with my apartment on fire, I would grab this box, plus my laptop, and my camera.  Which is why this bin sits at the apartment of one of my best friends and not in my storage space.   Anyhow, after loading these things up and when the car became close to full, I loaded up the Goodwill items and ran them up the street.    I then returned home and loaded up whatever else needed to go to Venice.

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