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Couch #20 – Shannon – June 19th, 2010


Couch #20  belongs Shannon, or really it belongs to her roommmate, Andy.   They live in a  house in Fullerton, California.  Fullerton is above Anaheim.  It’s ten minutes away from Disneyland.  At some point the house was moved to it’s present location to make room for the 605 Freeway but Shannon doesn’t know where it used to be.  The house is on the oldest road in Fullerton.  Shannon grew up in the house since she was 2.  Her parents still own it and she rents it from them.  Shannon also lives there with her daughter Sydney, who is ten years old and Andy’s dog, Neko.

Shannon doesn’t really know completely the history of the couch since it’s Andy’s.  She met Andy on myspace a long time ago.  They like a lot of the same music and hung out a couple of times, when he told her that he needed to move out of his house.  His roommates were a couple and were getting married and also moving out.  Shannon was in a bad place at the time and needed a roommate really bad and invited Andy to move in with her.  Shannon had a couch, which was pretty cool.  It was half red and half leopard.   But, the cat had destroyed it, and so she had to get rid of it.  Andy brought the leather couch with him and sold Shannon on it, although it wasn’t as cool as he made it out to be.  It does, however, look good in the decor of the room.  The living room decor is a little crazy.  It’s half Andy and half Shannon, but it does all flow together really nicely

Shannon doesn’t sit on the couch ever.  If you do happen to get Shannon to watch a movie, which is rare, she stands on the floor and does yoga or workouts out with her weights.  She is always needs to be doing something.  She can’t sit still  whereas Andy is always sitting on the couch watching tv or playing video games.

One story that Andy tells is that he had a roommate that paid rent and slept on the couch.  He didn’t have a room or want a room, he just wanted to sleep on the couch because it was that comfortable.

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